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*note that color in photo may look altered from camera/lighting

*Please select bracelet sizing

fun size-approx 7 inches

sun size-approx 8 inches

We recommend measuring yourself before purchase. If you have any questions or need assistance let us know

Energy Bracelets- Sagittarius Bundle

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  • Turquoise- A Sagittarian is more prone to pondering on thoughts and the Turquoise helps to open up the communicative faculty in them. It also enhances the activeness by offering strength and regeneration in thoughts and behavior that gets reflected in their actions.

     Amethyst- Amethyst is famously revered among the noble crystals of Sagittarius. The Amethyst has connections to both the Crown and Third Eye chakra meaning this Sagittarius crystal protects you from people who want to drag you down or sabotage your life.Labradorite-

    Labradorite is a good stone for Sagittarius because it calms the mind and stimulates the imagination at the same time, which is perfect for the busy mind of the Sagittarius sun sign. It also helps them facilitate change when they are coming against obstacles.