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*note that color in photo may look altered from camera/lighting

*Please select bracelet sizing

fun size-approx 7 inches

sun size-approx 8 inches

We recommend measuring yourself before purchase. If you have any questions or need assistance let us know

Energy Bracelets-ARIES BUNDLE

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Bloodstone-The bloodstone has a balancing effect on the chakra system, plus the emotions and feelings of an Aries. Full of the energy of Mars, it offers healing for an Aries by fuelling their already strong levels of courage, determination and stamina

    Aquamarine-When the Aries nature is a little too fiery, they can use a water stone like Aquamarine to help tame the flames. This Aries stone can help them bring more flexibility into their endeavors as they flow with the tides

    Green Adventurine-Aventurine. With its calming green, this stone's vitality and earthiness encourages luck, leadership and prosperity. It easily combines with the fiery courage of Aries and embodies the confidence of a natural leader